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Is a stop the violence movement powered by supporters of the same cause. While gun violence and related crime are pressuring youth everywhere to follow suit, Stand Up 4 Life goes against that grain and makes it a point to show youth everywhere that they do not need to involved

in violence in order to get ahead or find success. In addition, they use real life stories and experiences to teach communities about the trauma that gun violence causes in homes, families, and communities at large. In order to so, Stand Up 4 Life provides other opportunities for youth to express themselves and learn about positive interests that can lead them down a better road. 

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  • Teams size must be 3 players.

  • One player must be able to stream the match while playing.

  • Players must be between 13- 18 years of age.

  • Event is completely online. 

  • Must join discord in order to communicate with tournament Organizers (NBA 2K Channel)

  • Click below

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