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July 7th, 2015

Is when Rocket League came out to the public. Since then, it's become free to play and is available on nearly every platform... so what's not to like? That's what we thought. So now in 2021, Kansas City Esports brings to you it's very first 3 month League to give players a chance at competitive play, recognition, monthly tournaments, and of course, MONEY

So here's what you get

  • 3 vs 3

  • 3 Months of Competitive Play

  • Weekly matches

  • Weekly rank updates

  • FREE entry to all 3 tournaments

  • Direct communication with TO's

  • Player perks

  • Team discounts on gear

  • Cash prizes for tournaments


  • $1,000 in prize money


here's how it works

Tournament 1

Platinum League L9go.png



Tournament 2


may 3oth, 2021


June 27th, 2021


*Participants must be Rank Platinum 3 or below



August 1st, 2021



  • League participants play every week to achieve higher ranks that effect seeding for each tournament. 

  • Limited space. Max of 30 teams may participate.

  • League participants can enter tournaments at no cost. Tournament participation is not required and does not effect league standings.


  • Cash prizes for winners (or cash equivalent for minor participants).

  • Limited space. Max of 32 teams may participate.

  • Open to players outside of the league (With the exception of the Finals Tournament).

  • One day events (unless required to continue to a second day due to time constraints)

  • Group brackets (Best 2 out of 3) with the top team from each group advancing to the Double Elimination Finals.

  • $20/player (if not registered in League).


Skill cap for participation is Platinum 3 for all players.


-Participants must not currently be above Platinum 3. If the league takes place at the beginning of a new season in Rocket League, previous season rankings will be used to determine eligibility. Players MUST have had their account for at least 3 months, or one season in Rocket League. Players that use Dummy or Smurf accounts will be banned and removed from the League or Tournament immediately.

Age restrictions: Players must be at least 10 years old

-Participants that are under the age of 18 must have the Parent/Guardian section of the General Waiver Google Form filled out. Otherwise they will not be allowed to participate. Minor participants will not be be able to receive prize money from the first two tournaments if they win. Cash prize equivalents will be provided in Rocket League Credits to any minor participants that win Tournament 1 or Tournament 2.